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Singing & Songwriting: 5 Motivational Movies About Music

There are numerous types of music, each suited for each individual. People generally listen to different music based on their mood or place. Music has come a long way since its beginning, and it is here to stay as it brings people together and gives joy like no other.

Over the years, music has evolved and how people consume it has changed. People would listen to music on the radio or CDs, however, today, people listen to music digitally on their phones or music apps.

Technology has had a meaningful impact on numerous industries and changed how things work. Things or activities that would require time and effort in the past can now be done with just a click of a button.

One example of drastic change is gambling games such as blackjack, roulette, or poker. While playing gambling games with your friends in person is always an option, playing online is now an option too. You can now find online poker games as well as other ones quite easily.

Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced player. You can still try a hand at poker if you’re a beginner. If you learn the skills and become good at the game, you can even earn some money from it.

As music has immensely evolved, it has also seeped into the entertainment industry and become an integral part of it. Music is gaining momentum and importance as people realize the journey of singers or musicians.

There are numerous documentaries about musicians where they have been vocal about their struggles and triumphs. Additionally, there are also several fictional movies about musicians that can give you knowledge about the music industry and be an inspiration in your life.

Here are some motivational movies about music that can teach us valuable lessons.
1) Whiplash
The 2014 movie tells the story of Miles Teller as a young music student who dreams of becoming a famous jazz drummer and explores his relationship with J.K. Simmons, his music teacher.

The movie shows Teller’s journey of trying to pursue greatness in his field and how much Simmons pushed him to the brink to achieve that feat. “Whiplash” will give you an insight into the competitive world and inspire you to work hard for your passions and dreams.

2) A Star is Born
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper star in this movie, which is a remake of another 1937 film of the same name. In this movie, Cooper is a famous country rock singer, struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, who stumbles upon Gaga, a singer struggling to make her name in the music industry.

Awestruck by her musical talents, Cooper decides to give her a chance and introduces her to the entertainment world. The movie depicts the challenges one faces in the entertainment or music industry and how difficult it is to maintain a relationship while being in the spotlight.

3) School of Rock
This movie revolves around Jack Black who is a guitarist kicked out of his rock band. After being overwhelmed with bills and desperate for work, he impersonates his friend to land a job as a music teacher at a school.

Black forms a band with his students and encourages them to take part in a rock competition. He helps them overcome their shortcomings and guides them to work together as a group. This lighthearted comedy film will lift your spirits and make you smile after watching young students follow their musical passions.

4) Begin Again
“Begin Again” stars Mark Ruffalo as an ex-music producer and Keira Knightley as a singer-songwriter. Both embark on a journey to produce music because of their shared love for music.

Along with putting a smile on your face, this movie will introduce you to two characters who are passionate about music and how it helps them heal on a personal level.

5) Amadeus
The 1984 musical period film is a fictionalized story between Composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the Italian Composer, Antonio Salieri. The movie shows the rivalry between the musical prodigy, Mozart, and the less talented, Salieri.

“Amadeus” follows Salieri’s journey where he desires to be a famous composer, however, is always overshadowed by the infamous Mozart. Salieri’s jealousy gets the better of him as he continues to plot against Mozart on several occasions.

This inspirational movie shows us the struggles of trying to make it big and how there would always be another person who is more talented. However, the way we react to our surroundings and other people makes all the difference.

With music infused into the entertainment industry, the audience gets a chance to find out more about the music industry and get insight into musicians’ lives. People start to understand how one song can contain several struggles and hardships.

This list only has a few movies that depict musicians and their lives. There are numerous movies or even documentaries which have underlying themes and real-life stories about an artist’s musical journey.


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