• Artist: Rare of Breed
  • Song Title: The Warm Up
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Released: 2023

Check-Out this amazing brand new single + the Lyrics of the song and the official music-video titled The Warm Up by a Renowned and anointed gospel singer & recording artist Rare of Breed

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Rare of Breed The Warm Up Lyrics
They be asking for this one
I don’t think they understand that you really do this, right
This is more then a title it’s more then a name, is
God twain, ay
Don’t know what it’s bro, (ah)

[Verse 1]
If you never head the flow let me introduce you, give it to you proper
Every time I drop a verse I got permission from Father
Everybody sounds the same, I feel your lane is over crowded
I been doing this for years, some days I feel like Bobby Badinga
I don’t have to custom records, just to make my statement known
Every message we constructed is to fix a broken home, (haha)
I know killers, I know dealers, I know folks beating addictions
I have seen people at the lowest finding Jesus up in prison
That’s the realest things you ate to day, so here’s another potion
They say covid kill so turn around and navigate your potion
This is a in depending movement, I don’t mess around with culprit
Keep the label, keep the shine, keep the danger that’s imported
I ain’t have to spend a dime, all this been organic
If you paying for your fans you would never understand
Look the door, build your room, stay comfortable don’t expending
But don’t hate when you peak out the blind and see we build a mansion, (oh)
That’s what I’m talking about, right there boy!
If they don’t know, they going know it now
In 10 years we ain’t even done get, Send the Alarm, (Alarm signal)

It’s the warm up baby!

[Verse 2]
Been Veteran for years, but making noise like I’m a rookie
Since ’04 I had the flow and it’s been cold so grab a hoodie
We got people scratching hair like where’d he came from?
How is this?
How did I miss it?
Well, Frankling you get overlooked when you been emitted that you are a Christian
Let me tell you something that don’t mean we are weaker second class
That’s just mean that I fear addiction, It’s forgiveness from my past
If you hate on that, that’s fine but you can’t disregard being
If you step up in the comments welcome to the lines DM
Met my fan base it’s amazing, It’s remarkable to see
This is what’s happened when you lead a underdog of up the leech
This right here is simply trained and this is a warm up, this is bright
This is fire, that’s been spreading if want it, grab some matches
If they say they running the game, I’m 99, when you play mad
I’m Michael Jorden in the fort
You can bet this is automatic, ah
Just like that, It’s a easy word, I’m on the way, (yeah know)
God twain!


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